Teaser Tuesday – 20/04/21

20 Apr
Teaser Tuesday – 20/04/21

This is Teaser Tuesday, a weekly Meme hosted by The Purple Booker. Anyone is welcome to join in! Just open the book at random and share 2 sentences from somewhere on that page.

This week’s teaser is for Chen Li’s translation of Justice by Tim Vicary.

This short bilingual book is aimed at young Chinese speakers who’ve been learning English for a year or few so the text is succinct and straight-forward. It has been incredibly exciting to pore over the Mandarin and learn a few new characters by extrapolation. My favourite lightbulb moment so far has been “骑马” (ride a horse) the first character (meaning “ride”) combines the character for horse with part of the character for chair.

Don’t worry though! Today’s teaser’s going to be lifted from the English part of the book.

There was a loud BANG! Jane saw a bright white light in front of her eyes, and felt a terrible hot wind on her face.

Justice Tim Vicary (Chen Li)

There you have it!

Happy reading, all.

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