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Post 10 – A Book You Thought You Wouldn’t Like But Ended up Loving.

As ever, thanks to Blogs of a Bookaholic for creating this challenge. 😀

Also, apologies if this is more of a ramble and less of a direct response. Last week was a nightmare and I just want to blather about nothing. 😛

The book: The Rake and the Rebel Mary Brendan

As anyone who’s read this post knows, erotica and romance have never really been my thing. Indeed I was only introduced to Mills and Boon at the end of 2007. The other people in my French Literature class (all 3 of them, including the teacher) started taking the Mickey of the company when we were discussing Maupassant (no, I can’t remember how we made that jump either). Extensive references were made to different books and series.

It sounded amusing- and totally different from anything I’d read before- so I went to the local library, took out as many books as I could from the different Mills and Boon series, read them all in a week and came back to class on Monday with a better understanding of what the hell everyone was going on about.

Yes, I was that cool. Yes, I do still do that otherwise I really would be unable to talk to most of my peers about ‘what’s hip’. What can I say? It’s just how I roll when I don’t fancy sticking my arms out, my head between my legs and leaning forward.

I digress.

Most of the books didn’t appeal to me. Some made me wonder if love really was a many-splendoured thing. Others made me cringe and go ‘ewwww’. Yes, I really was that mature a 17 year-old.

By the time I got on to the last one, my mind had become slightly misted and fuddled by a combination of earnest writing and ideas that I wasn’t sure I agreed with, such as: ‘He’d been crazy to wait this long. He should have known sex was the fastest way to ensure a relationship settled.‘ Really, the Marriage Bargain?

The Rake and the Rebel either pushed me over the metaphorical edge (hehe!), or it was well-written for the genre. Or maybe it’s because it falls into the ‘historical fiction’ category and I have a major soft spot for that.
The story-line wasn’t radically different from other modern-day romance/ erotica novels out there: there was a feisty heroine, a rake-turned-romantic gentleman and moments of peril and misunderstanding before the pair settled down together.

Somehow it won me over and whilst I haven’t yet reread it, I did purchase a copy from my local library when they decided to sell it on to make room for more Mills and Boon with the intention of doing so at a later date.


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