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Post 1: a book series you wish would just end already

Thanks again to Blogs of a Bookaholic for creating this challenge

Day one and I can’t quite remember how this blogging thing goes… Hopefully after spouting inane stuffage for a few posts, it’ll get better… Hopefully.

Anyway! Prompt the First

Write about a book series you wish would just end already

Most of the book series that I’ve read finish at the right place. Closing the final volume of the series feels as though I’ve just undergone a rite of passage: it’s a beautiful and often memorable event- I can remember the exact moment I finished many series that I read a decade ago!

Maybe I should get out more.

Nonetheless, there is one book series that should have ended one book sooner than it did: the Sweep Series (also known as the Wicca Series if you’re in the UK like me) by Cate Tiernan. This series was really popular amongst my peers when I was 14 or so, no mean feat when you consider that Harry Potter was seen as ‘The Series about magic’ to read.

I got so fed up with waiting to borrow the last six books in the series that I bought them with my pitiful earnings from helping out at the local riding stable one day a week.

The series follows the life of Morgan Rowlands, who starts out as your average slightly geeky, straight-A student with a calm, loving family life that would turn most people green with envy. Then a really hot, popular guy moves to town and introduces her and her circle of friends to magick. One thing leads to another and her world gets blown apart (and eventually put back together) by the powers of magick, love and friendship.

Wicca/ Sweep was enjoyable and didn’t fall into the YA trap of putting too much emphasis on a love triangle (they’re short books and had an interesting sort of twist to them, which made it better than it could have been). Book 14 ended on a high point- the point where anyone who’d enjoyed the series could have let go, sat back and said, “That was fun, I wonder what else Tiernan’s written?”.

Then book 15 was published.

In fairness, it didn’t turn into one of those series that keeps stretching out a yarn until it becomes ridiculous. Nonetheless the different style of narration and different main character jarred with the tone of the rest of the books.

Overall it could have been worse, but it was still a major let-down at the time. So much so that this series jumped to my mind when I read that question.

Conversely, if the series had progressed at a slower speed and not jumped two decades between books 14 and 15, I’m pretty darn certain that this post would’ve been entitled, “A book series you wish had gone on longer”.

La donna è mobile and all that jazz. 😛


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