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Introducing: Cultural Buffet ‘Challenge’

Yes! It started yesterday and today I named it. That is logic and planning at their finest. I’m starting a new page in the drop-down 2012 challenges section so as to keep track of what I’ve watched, read and (hopefully) learnt.

It’s called the Cultural Buffet Challenge because I’m hoping to read books from at least 20 countries, of which at least 3 are in Spanish and 17 are in French.
Finally, I’ll try to review 10 of the books…. Or maybe 15. We’ll see!

The films have to include 4 re-watches and 10 in French or Spanish.

So far, so good!

I’ve read:

1) The Spellman Files – Lisa Lutz
2) Kazakhstan: a journey across post-Soviet Central Asia – Laurence Deonna
3) The Gourmand – Muriel Barbery
4) The Character of Rain – Amélie Nothomb
5) Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum – Mark Stevens

And I’ve seen:
1) The Full Monty (U.K.) – re-watch
2) How to Train your Dragon (U.S.)


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