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Inspiring Blog Award

Many thanks to for giving me this beautiful award. I know that quite a lot of bloggers aren’t “into” the awards system, but I think that it’s a great way of finding bloggers you may like that would otherwise probably slip under your radar.

I say this because, in addition to always having brilliant posts that make the reader feel involved with their contents, Rhonda is a lady who is all about spreading joy and the community spirit on the blogosphere. 🙂

I am required to tell you seven things about myself, so…

1) I’ve been living on the 5th floor of a building that has no lift for nearly a year… and still get out of breath before I get to my floor.

2) I’ve wanted to play the violin since I was 4. This summer (and nearly 2 decades later) I’m going to start learning it. 🙂

3) The Book Buying Ban has now been going for 4 months and my purse is thanking me for it.

4) France has amazing French food, but they don’t cater to other countries’ cuisines. I would kill for a ‘korma’ that was not made with wasabi sauce.

5) I have a penguin-shaped hot water bottle called James that my best friend gave me for Christmas.

6) I have written a rhyming poem about James’ heroic exploits in the Antarctic (saving his friends from predators) and have started a 2nd poem about his subsequent travels about the Antarctic.

It is gripping stuff, though I say so myself. 😛

7) I re-read North and South at least once a year and maintain that I love it so much because it has a poem by Tennyson in it.

And now… here’s the list of the ten people I pass this award on to:

Words and Peace: A really well-read book blogger who started the I love France meme. I go there every Thursday to get my French culture/ history/ art/ life/ literature fix for the week.

Tavi Meyer: Is the man who introduced me to the concept of photography as a valid form of art. He’s a brilliant photographer and an interesting guy. I’m hoping to do a proper photo shoot with him before I leave Aix. (The fourth photo on the first row is from our first trial shoot).

The Synthesist Chronicles:  Whether she’s discussing academics’ use of social media or gender equality, her posts are snappy and introduce me to a new way of looking at the issues she discusses.  

Rose City Reader: Her methodical approach to creating reading lists and exploring genres is slowly rubbing off on me.

La Plume Noire: A wonderful mixture of prose and more genres of photography than I can count. Simply superb.

50 Year Project: to paraphrase, TBM’s aim in creating this blog was to refocus all the negative energy around into a positive, exciting and inspiring experience.

Lifetime Reading Plan: is an intelligently written blog that is absolute heaven for someone who is interested in a broad spectrum of literature. Every novel mentioned is a classic, even in the ‘books about reading’ section!

Chronicles of Illusions: is a ‘parallel universe’ I enjoy slipping into whenever the real world feels a bit too intense. : was my first introduction to the world of blogging and book blogging. 🙂 She is cool.

Last but not least: L.S. Engler of :  ‘A writer. Writing. About Writing’. She is brilliant


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2012 Reading Challenges

Last year I saw a couple of reading challenges that looked amazing, scribbled their details in my diary and did mini-reviews of the books for myself. They encouraged me to read books I’d not considered before and made me feel as though I were having a healthy reading ‘diet’.

This year I am going to try to read more widely in areas/ genres I’m not so familiar with.

For my reading lists, click the 2nd link in each bullet point, to sign up, click the 1st.

Here we go!

We want YOU to read French authors! – is brilliant for me as I study French and am always trying to read more French literature (whether in translation or the original). I’ve signed up for the Jules Verne level (10 books)

European Reading Challenge – one of the genres I’m hoping to read more of is ‘European literature’ (scarily large genre, I know). I’ve signed up for the Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) Level. (>5 books)

The Eastern European Reading Challenge – is the one that got me hooked on reading challenges. I read 4 books for it last year and am aiming to do the same again this year.

Support Your Local Library – is one close to my heart. Libraries are being closed all over the UK or being run by volunteers. It is saddening to think that a generation of children may lose the chance to enjoy reading through no fault of their own. I’m signing up for level 1 (12 books) but judging by my reading rate, I’m going to read a few more than that…

12 in 12 – is one of the craziest challenges I’ve seen so far. The idea is to create 12 categories and read 12 books for each one as many books as you’d like/ can for each one. Long live reading! (And thanks for the clarification.) 🙂


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