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{Wrap up}Books I read in February, including A Thousand Li series, and The Tales of Shikonoko

This month had a slow start, but I ended up speeding through 10 books (11 if you count the Shikonoko books as 2 instead of 1). Not bad for only 28 days of reading!

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{Review} The First Step (A Thousand Li series) by Tao Wong

{Review} The First Step (A Thousand Li series) by Tao Wong

I have wanted to read a xianxia novel since I watched a TV adaptation of The Untamed, and felt a giddy rush of love for the genre. Before I rush breathlessly into the review, I’m going to give a quick explanation of what xianxia actually is.

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{Book Review} Pride by Ibi Zoboi

{Book Review} Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Hello, my name is WildNightIn, and I have an addiction to retellings of Jane Austen novels. If you’ve gone out on a limb and guessed that “Pride” is a retelling of “Pride and Prejudice“, then you are 100% correct. But if you think you already know how this story is going to pan out then you, my friend, are going to be pleasantly surprised.

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2021 Reading Challenges

2021 Reading Challenges

I originally thought I was just going to sign up for two reading challenges, then I thought about it some more and realised I’d signed up to a third without thinking about it. Then I thought about it even more and realised that 4 reading challenges sounds even more fun than 3 reading challenges, and found another that looks really exciting. I’ll keep this list updated as the year progresses.

Cold Winter Challenge

This winter-themed reading challenge is guaranteed to keep you feeling cosy until the 28th February when it melts away until December 2021. There are 15 different prompts to choose from, and this year I’m aiming to read 4 books to achieve the Flocon de Neige level.
Hosted by the fabulous L’Enluminée, if you’re interested in hearing more about it you can watch her introduction video for this year’s challenge.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Last year I read a few more than the 52 books I’d signed up to read. This year I’ll be aiming to read a cool 52 again. As I’m planning to read more books in languages that I’m not so strong in, this should be a real challenge. Fingers crossed that it broadens my mind, and introduces me to some authors I’d never otherwise have read.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

It will be the first year I take part in The Intrepid Reader’s Historical Fiction Reading Challenge! I found it last night when I was catching up on indecently wonderful book blogs. The challenge is simple: read any genre of book as long as it is set in a bygone era.
I’m going to aim to read 15 historical fiction books this year, which should net me the Medieval level. Knowing my current obsession with Pride and Prejudice fanfic I should easily reach this level…

HPOOTP: Flourish and Blotts Challenge

Another old favourite! This friendly group of fellow Harry Potter fans aims to read as many books as we feel like that are based on 52 Harry Potter-inspired prompts. I’ve completed all 52 prompts in the last 2 years, so this year I’ll aim to read 52 books that tie into all 52 prompts.

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