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A brief review of Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon

…And 7 days, 46 hours and 20 minutes until the exam period is over.

Until then, I have to write almost 6k words of logical, coherent and potentially interesting essays (and reference every other sentence using the Harvard method).

In theory I have no time for such luxuries as reading. And yet last weekend I read Wolfblade by Jennifer Fallon. It’s a high fantasy novel set in a land called Hythria.

The story:
The main character, Marla Wolfblade is the 15 year-old sister of the depraved High Prince, Lernen. Summoned back to Greenharbour Palace to be married off against her will to the cruel ruler of Fardohnya, Marla gradually resigns herself to her fate.

Then an unexpected opportunity arises and Marla dares to hope that she may marry not only for love but for the good of her realm. At a time when the Patriot faction are eager to depose her brother and eliminate Marla, can this opportunity be too good to be true?

With the help of Elezaar, a slave saved from assassination, Marla learns how to fight the kid-gloved wars of politics. But can these skills save her from an enemy she cannot see? All she knows is this: she can trust no-one.

After reading Fallon’s Sons of Senet series, I had high expectations of this one. To my joy the novel was even better than I had hoped.

Fallon has this amazing way of writing characters -and plots- that aren’t clichéd or worn-out. Yes, there are evil sorcerers plotting to gain power in this novel. Yes, there are chivalrous characters out there. But neither of them is copied from a template. The political scheming and battles of character/ wits are brilliant and reminded me of the Empire Trilogy by Raymond E Feist and Janny Wurts (in terms of greatness, not in a copy-and-paste way).
One particular character (Mahkas) developed in such a fascinating way that I’m planning to re-read at least this book after I’ve finished the series.

The editing is tight and the pacing is nice and steady throughout. I read this in one day as I was so caught up in the story- not something that normally happens with a 710 page book!

I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys high fantasy.


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Time Goes So Quickly… when you’re studying

Wait one cotton-picking second… it’s 2013? What’s that? It’s been 2013 for almost a week?!

But that means I only have five days until my first exam!


I normally make my resolutions for the year in September as it’s the start of the academic year. It’s easier for me to set goals that I can see myself keeping over the “study year” as it were. This year, however I may have to change this.

Currently my New Year’s resolutions run thus:

1) Study more
2) Sleep more
3) Read more
4) Hoop more
5) Stress self out less.

Hope everyone else is well and that they saw in 2013 in joy and beauty. 🙂

I shall update soon. As soon as I can sit down and type for fun without feeling guilty about not doing more Russian/ French/ Spanish learning or revision.


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