Tadoku Reading Challenge 3 (May 2021) – introduction

01 May
Tadoku Reading Challenge 3 (May 2021) – introduction

At the start of the year I posted to say that I was planning on possibly taking part in a couple of Tadoku reading challenges in 2021. Today the third Tadoku challenge of the year starts, and I am thrilled to be cracking open another book in a non-native language.

In case you’re new to Tadoku let me explain the principal.

What is Tadoku?

The goal is incredibly simple: read as many pages as you fancy/ are able to in the foreign language or languages of your choice. If you’re looking at me sceptically and thinking, “Page!? I could just about manage a sentence…” then this challenge is also for you because you can log the number of sentences you have read in the challenge language/s if you prefer.

Yes we want you to come and play with read with us.

If the pure simplicity of this challenge has blown your mind away then here’s a link to their manual. You can also sign up there. I cannot overstate just how liberating it is to take part in a Tadoku session.


This month I have no idea what I will be reading for the challenge, so I have signed up with 3 languages: French, Spanish and Mandarin to keep the reading field wide. Maybe I’ll re-read a play by Lorca, or dig out one of the Pierrette Fleutiaux novels that are gathering dust because I’m too afraid that they won’t turn out to be as magical as Histoire de la chauve-souris. My breathless review of the latter, (and the reading crisis it inspired) almost 7 years ago can be found here.

I have no idea what this month’s Tadoku challenge will bring, but I hope it continues to strengthen my language skills while introducing me to some brilliant books.

Time to read!


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