{Review} The Second Death – Peter Tremayne

04 Sep
{Review} The Second Death – Peter Tremayne

It may be the 26th novel in the Fidelma series, but Peter Tremayne is not showing any sign of wanting to say farewell to this exciting, intelligent character. And thank goodness for that!

The Second Death is set in 671 AD. When Fidelma’s husband, Eadulf and Aiden of the King’s Guard are returning to Cashel, they come across a group of wagons that have stopped to put out a fire in the last one. After the smoke has cleared, the corpse of the burnt wagon’s driver is found, killed by poison. As Eadulf and Fidelma try to find out the wherefores and whys of the driver – and the second corpse’s – death, they discover the dark world of the Fellowship of the Raven.

As fiercely and unashamedly pro-Hibernic as ever, this murder mystery explores the tensions and conflicts between the Old Faith and the New. The plot was easier to unpick than that of some of Fidelma’s other cases from over the years, but I still totally fell for some of the red herrings along the way.

A worthwhile read and wonderful addition to the Sister Fidelma series.


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