2016 European Reading Challenge – Introduction

28 Apr

Hello there, blogosphere!

I’ve been bumbling around the book shelves without any feeling of purpose over the last few years. Sad, I know. As a result, I haven’t read as widely as in the past and you know what?

It is time for that to change!

I miss the excitement of being transported to a different place and absorbed into a different culture. So… I have signed up for Rose City Reader’s wonderful European Reading Challenge. I participated in it in 2012 (or was it 2013? I feel so old…) and found some blummin’ brilliant authors through others’ reviews and my own exploration of the library’s shelves.

What is the European Reading Challenge?” those of you who haven’t clicked on the linky-link above may ask.

Well, it is a challenge in which you read books by European authors or books set in a European country, irrespective of the writer’s origins, then share your finds online in the comments forum (for the blogless), or in a blog. In short, it is fun!

I am signing up for the ‘Deluxe Entourage‘ level, which means I shall be reading 5 or more books from different countries in Europe.

A list will appear below as I add books and links to reviews.

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