Newsflash: Books TBR mission failure

21 Mar

Report to Field Marshal T.B.R. forClass


Yesterday, I went to the main town library on mission Only One. Instructions were clear:
find one book entitled, Cahier d’un retour au pays natal.
Get book out using library card and whatever other wiles necessary.
Return to base immediately.

 Upon entering the non-studying section (where this small but vital piece of work was rumoured to be hiding) I realized that there was a problem. The layout of the room had changed since my last mission there, two weeks ago. As I tried to look for landmarks to guide me to the afore-mentioned book’s home I heard a sound, a susurration that seemed to come from one of the nearest shelves. Warily approaching, I spied a slim book that was trying to escape. It refused to say more than its title: Plus tard, tu comprendras [you will understand later].

Twenty minutes and three books later I spied the book I needed to get. As I neared the table it was on, another pair of books jumped out and surprised me. They swore that I would not be able to leave without them.

I am not sure as to what happened next… over an hour later, I left with the book I had set out to take as per my orders and six others.

I am sorry for my disobedience and shall endeavour not to put my grades at risk for the sake of these books and any others that cross my path in the future.

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